Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi Friends,
We're just setting up my blog so I can communicate with all of you to let you know how things are going along the campaign trail.
Last Friday, my grandson Russell helped me put up 85 signs on Maui! We drove 320 miles, up and down roads in Haiku, where I saw my friend Jeff Mueller's beautiful farm and put up two yard signs, to Maui Meadows, where Lawrence Christopher placed my sign on his driveway on Kupulau Drive. If you have a good spot for a yard sign, I'll be happy to deliver it to you...that way I can say Thanks too, for supporting me.
Campaigning is hard work, but I'm enjoying it because I get to see a lot of old friends.
My schedule is crazy...I have to check my calendar every day so I can keep track of where I'm supposed to be. When I'm on Maui, I am trying to be out on the road waving and smiling in hopes that all of the passing drivers will vote for me. It's a crazy way to get people to see you and to recognize your name...but the price is right!
Expeditions Ferry's crew continues to take very good care of me. The ferry is a great way to travel between Lanai and Maui and I try to catnap along the way so I can get some rest!
On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, I was a guest speaker at the Century Club luncheon at the Maui Tropical Plantation. I followed 3 great speakers, incumbent candidates Mike Molina, Bill Medeiros, and Gladys Baisa. Everyone was kind....if you want to read the speech I made, let me know and I'll post it.
I've been fortunate to have good friends Elarka Yuen and Sue Murray to help me with my speeches...they sit and listen, then tell me how I can make it better! They helped me with the 3 minute speech I made for Akaku Public Television and I got it done with one take!
If you want to see the video made of me and Senator Kalani English, you can order it up on Akakua...Channel 54, and program it so it will appear at a convenient time for you. The video was shot by Mark Sacco at my farm, Bennie's Farm. When you order the video, it is mislabeled as "Bernie's Farm" though.
Another video you can order up is the Kula Community Association Forum which was recorded live on August 12 at the Kula Community Center. The Kula Community Association did a great job and we all learned a lot there.
Today, I went to an interview with the MauiContractors' Association. I enjoyed the process and met some great people there also.
ON Saturday, we're having "An Old-Fashioned Rally" at Dole Park. I really wanted to give all of the Maui candidates a chance to come to Lanai to see what a great place we live in. I'll post some highlights of the rally later this week.
On Sunday, I'll be attending my friend's 90th Birthday! Les Medeiros is an amazing man, he was the police commander on Lanai way back when..! His late wife, Josephine, was our wonderful social director at Hotel Hana Maui in the old days.
On Monday, I'll be at Maui Community College's Forum which will be on campus at noon, then on Wednesday, I'll be at the Hawaii Congress of Planners wearing my Lanai Planning Commissioner's hat.
Do sign in with your comments, etc. I'll try to keep you all on the campaign trail with me...thanks for your support! P.S. If you see me out sign-waving, honk twice and yell HI! With aloha, Alberta

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