Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little about Alberta

I am a farmer with roots that tap deeply into Molokai, where I was born, Lana’I, where I grew up, and Hana, where I raised my family.

After a career in the hotel and travel industry which spanned more than 25 years, I switched gears and became a journalist. I was the editor of several community newspapers, was a publisher’s assistant and feature writer for a glossy magazine, and continue to write articles for various publications.

In 2003, I began farming on one and a half acres of land. Today the farm has grown to more than 18 acres! In addition to being a full-time farmer, I serve on the board of several organizations and I am a Lana’I Planning Commissioner as well.

My friends and neighbors on Lana’i asked me to represent them. I will do my best to honor their request to serve them and all of the residents of Maui County to the best of my ability.

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